Finding A Natural Cure For Herpes

The herpes simplex, type 1 virus is the culprit that causes cold sores. It waits, dormant until some trigger results in a painful and embarrassing eruption. Cold sores are an extremely common problem, since they are so contagious (they are passed on through saliva), and the fact that there is no cure for the virus. However, don’t panic! There are many remedies for cold sores that speed up its recovery. Read on if you a looking for a natural cure for herpes sores, as we will discuss remedies that are easy to source and won’t interfere with other medicines.


Good old-fashioned whole milk is gentle and soothing when applied with clean cotton wool. Make sure it is well soaked, as fluffy fibers may get caught on cracked skin. Whole milk contains monocaprin, which some studies suggest may slow or stop the herpes virus. Use very cold milk for extra relief from swelling.

At the first sign of a flare up (you know that itchy, tingly feeling?) apply sliced lemon to the area. Many cold sore sufferers say that this staves off an attack, just be sure to use it on undamaged skin only.

Petroleum jelly will bring instant relief to the stinging of cracked skin, so apply it liberally whenever you need to, and extra thick at bedtime. It also protects the sore from airborne dirt and dust entering.

The only natural cure for herpes sores we know of, that tackles ALL of your cold sore symptoms, is Herpeset. Unlike home treatments, Herpeset contains all natural ingredients that target swelling, redness, itching, cracking and pain. The nine main ingredients have been individually chosen to provide an all-round treatment. Examples include purple cone flower, which helps eliminate redness, and woody nightshade to deal with the swelling.

This natural cure for herpes is easy to use, and is small enough to be carried around with you. Since Herpeset contains only natural extracts, there are no known reactions with other medicines, although you should always consult your doctor before commencing any new treatment. Since Herpeset is regulated by the FDA (US Food and Drug Association), it is considered to be very safe.

We were really impressed with the reviews we could find on Herpeset. Nearly every user reported fast, effective results (it is sprayed under the tongue to speed absorption). Rather than suffering for the usual couple of weeks, symptoms were gone in around seven days. Prolonged use of the spray may even have cut down the frequency of attacks for some users.

Herpeset is a natural cure for herpes that targets all cold sore symptoms. Being quick, easy to use, effective and supplied with a money-back guarantee; we would not hesitate to recommend it.